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The Daily Southern Cross December 19th 1864

The ship Nimroud, in command of Captain Oughton, from london, arrived in harbour on Saturday evening, after a long and tedious passage of 127 days. She left the Downs on the 12th August, and took her final start from the Isle of Wight on the 15th: passed outside of the Cape de Verde Islands, and experienced light N E and S E trades: crossed the equator on the 22nd September , in 20o 13' W., and made the meridian of the Cape on the 26th October, in 41o 59' S: ran down her easting between the parallels of 48o and 49o S, experiencing ver heavy gales. On October 30 and 31 the vessel was hove to, under a close reefed maintopsail, during which a heavy sea struck the ship, filling the decks with water, and shifting the cargo. Severl icebergs were passed on the 29th October 46o 15' S latitude, 30o 4' E longitude. Passed Tasmania on the 2nd instant, and had fine weather and calmes thence to the Three Kings, which were passed on Tuesday last. The ship Susannah, from Hamburg to Adelaide, was signalled in 33o 17' S., 22o 14' W with 60 passengers on board. Spoke the SS Omeo, from Otago to Melbourne, on last Sunday week.