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Lyttelton Times September 7, 1870

Arrived – September 6, Monarch, ship, Paddle, from London
Summary:-- Farm Labourers 19, ploughman 9, gardener 1, labourers 6, grooms 2, shepherds 8, engineers 8, founder 1, millwrights 6, moulder 1, patternmakers 2, wheelwrights 2, bootmaker 1, saddler 1, coach builder 1, coach joiner 1, schoolmaster 1.

Single women – General servants 30, cooks 3, housemaids 3, dairymaids 2, nurses 3, dressmaker 1, matron 1.
Male adults 56, female adults 71, male children 19, female children 17, infants 10.
Total souls 167, equal to 142 statute adults.

The fine frigate-built ship Monarch, commanded by Captain John Paddle, for many years in command of the Stathallan, arrived and anchored off the heads on Tuesday afternoon. Owing to the strong south-west breeze and ebb tide she was unable to make the harbour. On the s.s. Halcyon arriving from Pigeon Bay, she was chartered by the agents to convey the health and immigration officers on board. On arriving alongside the ship the usual questions were asked and satisfactorily answered, and the ship was at once passed. She is a magnificent ship and has three decks, her upper one being flush with the poop. The cabin is unusually roomy and comfortable, the ship having forty one feet beam, and the table being placed athwart ship. On going below in the steerage we were highly pleased to see it in such an excellent state of cleanliness, and the same remarks apply to the intermediate and single girls’ compartments. The vessel is indeed a pattern of cleanliness throughout and reflects the highest credit on all the officers. The galley and condenser are very good, and the latter has acted well during the passage. The passengers and emigrants speak in high praise of the treatment they have received during the voyage. The emigrants have had the advantage of enjoying themselves on a deck level with the poop. The weather during the voyage has been unusually fine, a few ordinary gales only having been experienced running down the eastigs (sic).

The following is Captain Paddle’s report: - "Passed through the Downs on May 28, and left the Lizard light on June 5; crossed the line on June 30; passed Trinidad and Martin Vas Rocks on July 9; passed the longitude of the Cape on July 28h; sighted the Snares on September 2, eighty-nine days from land to land. The weather during the voyage has been very fine."

The Monarch brings out 194 (sic) immigrants viz. 56 married people, 46 children, 30 single men and 43 single women. The latter (illegible) in charge of Mrs Smith, matron, late of the ship Blue Jacket, and five cabin passengers. Thomas Dry, M.D. is the surgeon-superintendent of the vessel.