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Southern Cross August 30th 1867

The barque Merrington, 641 tons, Captain J W Graham, made the harbour yesterday afternoon, after a tedious passage of 133 days from the Downs, and 141 from London. The Merrington is one of Messrs Shaw Savill and Co's line of passenger ships and comes consigned the Messrs Harris and Laurie, Queen-street. She brings a full general cargo, and a total of 80 passengers. She left London on the 10th April last, and passed the Downs on the 18th, after which she encountered what would appear to have been the harbinger of a series of adverse winds, and was detained in the English Channel for 18 days. Captain Graham reports having to beat up to Madeira with light south-westerly winds, and did not fall in with the north-east trades until reaching the southward of the Cape de Verde Islands. Passed inside Palermo, and had very light north-east trades. Reached the equator on the 2nd of May, in 260 W., and was becalmed for four days off the line. The south-east trades were moderate for three days, when they fell very light, and continued so until the vessel was in 300 S., and 350 21 W. Passed the meridian of the Cape of Good Hope on the 3rd of July, 84 days from London. Light variable winds ensued until 390, and the easting was run down between the parallels of 420 and 440 latitude. The winds were at this time of a most contrary character, no breeze continuing for twenty-four hours, and scarcely extending for twelve hours without expending itself. The coast of Tasmania was made in 400 42 S., and 1470 48, and had easterly gales on the 10th August. The only good run during the passage was from thence to the Three Kings, which were sighted on the 23rd inst. Light winds were again met with off the coast until yesterday morning, when thick squally weather ensued, and continued until the pilot was taken on board off Rangitoto.

The Merrington is a strong old-fashioned-built vessel, and has done good service in the India trade, in which she has been engaged for upwards of twelve years. Her last voyage was to Canterbury, where she conveyed a large cargo, and a full complement of passengers She possesses excellent poop accommodation, and notwithstanding the protracted passage arrives in a cleanly condition. The allowance of water had necessarily to be diminished before the termination of the voyage, owing to its length, and the provisions put on board by the shippers were almost exhausted. The passengers were in medical charge of Dr Crouch, whose office, however, appears to have been somewhat of a sinecure, as he reports no sickness during the passage.

Captain Graham has won the respect and esteem of his passengers during the long voyage, a complimentary address, numerously signed, serving to testify the same on the arrival of the vessel at her destination.

Southern Cross August 30th 1867

The London barque, 'Merrington', Captain Graham, arrived , after a tedious passage of 141 days from London and 133 from the Downs. The 'Merrington' has encountered a succession of adverse winds, continuing almost throughout the entire voyage. She brings a full general cargo and 80 passengers, and is consigned to Messrs Harris and laurie.