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The Southern Cross November 30th 1860

The ship Mermaid arrived in harbour on Wednesday midnight, (Nov. 22,) having sailed from the Downs on the 22nd July. She had landed the pilot off Portland on the 25th, and experienced light and variable winds to the line, crossed the equator on the 15th August, and fell in with steady trade winds. She passed the meridian of the Cape, 48 days out, in latitude 440, where she saw several icebergs. Contrary winds were met off Cape Otway, and the ship Monarch was passed, 94 days from Plymouth. The Mermaid arrived at Port Phillip [Melbourne] heads on the 14th Oct., and hauled alongside the Railway Pier, Hobson's Bayon the 16th, discharged 1800 tons cargo [as well as the passengers listed], and sailed from the Bay on the 9th Nov. She was subsequently hove-to twelve hours off the Kents Group. Made the Three Kings on Saturday last, rounded the Cape the following day, and has had light baffling winds, E to S E, to this port.