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The Press, January 7th 1867

The ship Mermaid, Captain Rose, arrived at half-past five a. m. on Saturday, the 5th and anchored of Rhodes Bay. She sailed from Gravesend on Saturday, the 15th September and anchored off the North Foreland on the same day. Passed through the Downs on the 17th and landed the pilot at Brixham on Saturday 27th. Experienced very heavy weather down the Channel, and light S. W. winds from there to 20 deg. north. Passed inside Madera in the 10th October in company with several other ships, among which were the Swiftsure and Lord Warden. Had Moderate N. E. trades, and crossed the Equator at midnight on the 1st November in long. 28 deg. W. She passed the Cape on December 3rd in lat. 41 deg. S.; experienced moderate W. and N. W. weather till December 25, Christmas day, when she encountered a cyclone, commencing at the N. E. and veering to S. and S. S. E. the vessel was hove-to under close-reefed top-sails for several hours. The Snares were sighted at half-past six on the 2nd January; she had strong S. W. wind to within 50 miles of Otago. Off the east end of the Peninsula at half-past eight on the 3rd, where she was becalmed all day, and finally arrived in harbour as above.

The Mermaid brings a general cargo and a number of Government immigrants, who have all enjoyed perfect health during the passage, not a single case of sickness being reported. Two births occurred on the voyage.

The following vessels were sighted:- on October 4, Swiftsure, from Plymouth to Melbourne, seven days out; barque Madschaid, from Hamburg to Mosambique, twenty-three days out; and Lord Warden. On October 5th, Anias, from Harve de France to Gamboon River, seventeen days out; and barque Marie Housted of Rochester. On October 9, barque Beta, from Swansea to Valparaiso, seventeen days out. On October 14, barque Suez from Majorka, eight days out. On October 15, ship Naturalist, from London to Calcutta, twenty-seven days out. On October 31, French barque Maria Marguritta. On November 30, brig Balclutha, from Scilly to Parnambuco; thirty-five days out; schooner Maria from New York to Hong Kong, fifty-three days out; and Hecuba from Liverpool to Calcutta, fifty-two days out. On December 5, ship Her Majesty, from London to Hong Kong, sixty-two days out. On December 11 ship river Clyde.

The passage through-out appears to have been a most agreeable one, and the passengers, who presented Captain rose with a complimentary address on the arrival of the ship, speaks in the highest possible terms of the extreme kindness and courtesy displayed though-out the voyage by himself and his officers.