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The Press November 9th 1867

The ship Melita, Captain Grant, arrived from London at six pm on Thursday last, and anchored off Rhodes Bay. She left Gravesend on the 23rd of July, and cleared the Channel on the 27, having a fine run. The pilot left off the Isle of Wight. Captain Cameron, who left London in command, died from inflammation on the 10th of August, after ten days illness, in latitude 20o 42' N, longitude 27o 40' W. The command was taken by the Chief Officer Mr Grant, who brought the vessel into this port. Crossed the line on the 20th August, during fine weather, in longitude 23o 15'W. The meridian of the Cape of Good Hope was reached on September 21, fifty-nine days out from the Channel. Experienced light baffling wind. Ran down the Easting in latitude 48o S. The Snares were sighted on Sunday, November 3, from which point light winds were experienced. On Saturday, October 12, a steerage passenger named Joseph Kenton died of consumption, in latitude 47o 23' S, longitude 86o 21' E, having been ill throughout the passage. The Melita is consigned to Messrs Miles and Co., and brings passengers and a large cargo - the latter is stated to be in first rate order.