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Arrival of the Clipper ship Matoaka from London
From the Christchurch Press February 9, 1869.

The ship Matoaka, captain Stevens, commander, arrived in harbour yesterday, and anchored of Sticking Point at noon, having made the passage in 87 days. She was signalled at eight o'clock in the morning off the Peninsula, and sailed in with a fair wind.

The S. S. Moa was chartered to take off the health officers, Drs Donald and Rouse, Captain Gibson, and other, and started at 11.30 a. m. Upon running alongside, the usual questions being put by the health officers and answered satisfactorily, the were allowed to go on board.

She brings a large complement of first and second cabin passenger and about 120 Government immigrants, who have all arrived in excellent health. The commissioners, after inspecting the ship reported all satisfactory with the exception of the single men's compartment.

Amongst the passengers we noticed some old colonists who have returned. There is on board a fine short-horned Durham cow and some pure-bred sheep.

Captain Stevens reports the following particulars:- Left Gravesend the 12th November 1868, was towed by steam tug off Margate, wind E N E. On the 13th, at 8 a m, the pilot left off the Isle of Wight; had fresh north-east wind as far as Madeira, when we had two days south-west wind with rain; then got the north-east trades, which carried us to 6 deg north; had two days variable winds, then S E trades and crossed the equator in 29deg 30 min W. On the twenty second day out had good S E trades, and was on the parallel of Rio; on the twenty ninth day sighted Gough's Island at midnight on the 24th December; passed the meridian of the Cape of Good Hope on the 30th December in the lat 42 deg S; on January 16 and 17 passed several icebergs in lat 49 deg S, and long 103 to 107 deg E. From lat 50 deg S and long 114 deg E have had a continuation of light N E and S E winds, with rain and fog, which has retarded the passage at least ten days. On the morning of the 5th instant the Snares and Stewart's Island were passed in a fog without seeing either. The Peninsula was made on Sunday at noon, and arrived in port as above. Two births and no deaths have occurred on the voyage. E. H. Marshall, Esq, M D is in medical charge of the ship.