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The Evening Post January 6th 1882

Messrs. Shaw, Savill & Co's ship Margaret Galbraith, 840 tons, Captain Fergusson, was signalled this morning, and will beat in this evening. She has made a rather long voyage this time, having left London on thre 13th September, but no doubt it will be found to be attributable to her having fallen in with the light winds and calm's which nave been reported by several vessels arribing in New Zealand lately. Sshe brings 13 passengers, whose names appear below, and is consigned to Mr E. Pearce.

The Evening Post January 7th 1882

This vessel was brought in by Pilot Holmes at 4 p.m. on the 12 September, and the Lizard on the 20th; the Equator was crossed on the 30th October and the cape was rounded on the 30th November; made Cape Farewell at 8 a.m. on Thursday last, and reached Wellington Heads same night. Pilot Holmes boarded yesterday morning, and brought her in as above. As we surmised yesterday the long passage has been occasioned by a prevalllence of light winds and calms, and also to the very foul state of the vessel's bottom is in. On 27th Dec. W. J. Ssheppard aged 22, a steerage passenger, died of consumption. The other passengers have all arrived in good health. The Margaret Galbraith loads here for London, and follows the barque Mercia, which vessel will have quick despatch. Mr E. Pearce is agent for Galbraith.