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The Wellington Independent July 31st 1866

The clipper barque Lord Raglan, 477 tons, James G Williams, commander, arrived in this port from London. She left the Downs 31st March with light variable winds, , which continued until off the Lizards, when she got a fair wind which carried her clear of the Channel. Crossed the Line on the 8th May; got the S E trade winds, fresh and squally. Rounded the cape on Tuesday, 5th June; ran down to 46 south, carrying for the greater part northerly winds. When nearing the New Zealand Coast experienced very heavy gales, which commenced on the 14th July. Made Capre Farewell on the 20th july, but owing to a south-east gale, was driven away for four days; afterwards had nothing but light winds until arrival here. During the voyage one of the seamen was taken ill, and it was afterwards found to be an attack of small pox. A few days after leaving the English Coast, had got well again by April. The passengers will land this morning after the Health Officer has boarded her. She brings a large general cargo, and is consigned Messrs W & G Turnbull & Co.