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The Evening Post March 7th 1884

The New Zealand Shipping Company's chartered barque Loch Ken, 590 tons, Captain Wilson, arrived in harbour at 8:30 this morning, after a passage of 91 days, and was anchored in the powder ground. She left London on the 1st December, and the Downs six days later; crossed the line on the 26th, rounded the Cape in 48dg S on the 52nd day out, ran down the easting in 51dg S., and, coming south-about, she passed the Snares on the 27th ult., and was brought in by Pilot Holmes as above. Moderate westerly winds were experienced until reaching New Zealand, thence to arrival light N E winds. All are well on board. A large iceberg was passed in 50dg S., 115 E. The barque will be berthed at the wharf on Monday morning.