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The New Zealander March 27th 1858

The schooner which was signalled throughout the whole of Thursday was unable to fetch the anchorage until last night in consequence of the prevailing light and variable airs and calms.   She proved to be the brigantine Leveret, from San Francisco and Honolulu, having sailed from the former port on 2 January and the latter on 9 February.  She experienced a remarkably pleasant passage, having had a continuance of easterly weather throughout the run, making the Great Barrier on 10th inst.   She spoke the Moa off the Poor Knights on Monday last and received a few supplies.  By this ship, Mr ROWE, formerly so much appreciated for his equestrian performances, has come to revisit Auckland.  He is now associated with Mr MARSHALL and they have brought with them a company numbering 21 individuals, a stud of eight horses and a pack of trained dogs.   Mrs Rowe and young Raphael are among the artistes and Mr Hernandez, an equestrian of world-wide celebrity.  They intend remaining here for some time previous to proceeding to Sydney.