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Wellington Independent July 23rd 1856

The ship Lancashire Witch, 1286 tons, Captain Mollison, from Portsmouth via Hobart Town and Sydney, arrived in this harbour on Sunday afternoon, after a splendid passage of 94 days including seven days detained in port at Hobart Town and Sydney. The Lancashire Witch is the largest and finest merchant vessel that has ever entered this port, and has made one of the quickest passages on record. She sailed from Portsmouth on the 17th April, and arrived at Hobart Town on the 3rd July, after a quick passage of 77 days. She remained at Hobart Town only three days, where a detachment of the 12th Regt., consisting of Ensign Oliver, and 85 rank and file were landed; and sailed from thence for Sydney on the 6th July, where she arrived on the 9th inst., after a passage of three days. A detachment of the 11th Regt., under the command of Major Blosse, consisting of Captain Roe, Lieut., Birch, Ensign Martin, and 77 rank and file were disembarked at Sydney. After remaining four days at Sydney, she sailed for this port on the 13th inst., and arrived here on the 20th, after a very quick passage of seven days, completing the whole distance from Portsmouth to Wellington in the short space of 94 days. She has brought on here, a detachment of the 65th Regt., under the command of Capt., Peebles of the 11th Regt., consisting of Ensigns Lewis, Penefather, and Leonard, three Sergeants, 247 rank and file, 30 women, and 31 children. The health of the troope, under the care of Assistant Surgeon Burkitt, has been very good. Three deaths, adults and four births occurred during the voyage. On the 25th May, Ensign Harrison, of the 11th Regt., accidently fell overboard, and was drowned. There was a strong breeze blowing at the time, the vessel going through the water at the rate of 12 knots an hour, and from the heavy sea that was on, it was found impossible to lower the boats to his assistance.

Wellington Independent July 23rd 1856

On Wednesday last, the Lancashire Witch, Mollison, commander, sailed from this port for Auckland, having on board a small detachment of the 65th Regt., and a few invalids. We understand that this detachment, under the command of Captain Blewitt, is to be stationed at the Bay of Islands. The Lancashire Witch, on her arrival at Auckland, will be open to charter to convey the 58th Regt., which has now for some time been under orders to England, that Regiment having been detained in New Zealand by the Governor, in consequence of the native disturbance in Taranaki.