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Arrival of the Lady Jocelyn January 2nd 1881

Left London September 27th 1880. Passed Gravesend 28th, the Downs on the 29th. October 3rd, at noon passed the Lizard; (i.e. the most southerly point in England, in Cornwall. It has two lighthouses) bore N.E. 20 miles from which we take our departure. On the 8th October, crossed the latitude of Madeira and the Cape de Verde on the 19th. Had very light N.E. trades and lost them in 150 N. -thence to the Equator. Had a long time of light Airs and Calms. Crossed the Equator 7th November in 25 6' W. 35 days out. Cleared the Southern tropics 16th November. Passed Tristan d'Acunha on the 26th and rounded the Cape of Good Hope 4th December, and the Meridian of St. Pauls on the 16th December. The Meridian of Cape Otway and South Cape of Tasmania on 26th December. From the Cape we had fine weather and fresh breezes from the W.N.W., to the S.W., all the way to Tasmania, and southerly winds up to the Three Kings which was made at 1 p.m. of the 31st December - 89 days from the Lizard.

We had on board:

Saloon          87
Second Class       90
Third Class       220
Crew       74
Total     471

During the voyage had 4 births (3 boys and a girl) and two deaths (a Mr Edger Bailey and Mr S. Green).

1880 September 16th Mrs Thomas Carr     A son
October 20th Mrs William J Trigg     A son
October 29th Mrs John Smith     A daughter
1881 January   1st Mrs William Swarbrick     A son
End of Report

As the Lady Jocelyn was the first ship to Tauranga direct from London, the Government paid the whole Pilotage Cost of 40 Os. Od. less a few pence. A newspaper called the Lady Jocelyn Courier was edited by Captain Barclay who was to be quite prominent in future Te Puke affairs. Only 4 copies came out each week. After standing off the entrance (where an unconfirmed report states she lost an anchor) for perhaps 24 hours, the vessel and her excited complement were finally towed into Tauranga by the S.S. Waitaki of the Union Steamship Company on January 2nd, 1881. And this was her published passenger list, which is far from complete, for the names of her Cabin passengers only were published.