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Arrival of the La Hogue

Taken from the Evening Post, Wednesday, 27th May, 1874

The Ship La Hogue left Gravesend on 20th February and discharged her pilot off Start Point on the 24th, crossed the Equator on 23rd March, passed the Cape of Good Hope on the 13th April and made the New Zealand coast on the 24th instant, after a run of 89 days from land to land. The entire voyage from port to port being completed in 94 days. She brings 10 cabin passengers, immigrants equal to 353 statute adults (the total number of souls on board being 500), 400 tons of railway iron and about 1000 tons of general cargo. The passengers enjoyed excellent health during the voyage, and all the arrangements are described as thoroughly satisfactory. Dr W Russell was an admirable surgeon-superintendent. It is interesting to note that the La Hogue left England exactly one month after the Wennington and arrived here within the same 24 hours.

The immigrants by the Wennington were landed last night, and lodged in the Mount Cook Barracks. they seem a lot of strong and respectable people. The La Hogue's immigrants are still on board, and are likely to have to remain so for some days as the Barracks are fully occupied at the present by the Wennington people. As soon as possible detachments from both ships will be sent to Wanganui and the country districts.

Other shipping

May 27 - Phoebe as 496 tons, Worsp, for Picton, Nelson, Taranaki and Manukau
Cabin Messrs Isaacs, Pepys, Richards, Samuel

May 27 - Taranaki as 290 tons, Wheeler for the South.
Cabin Mrs Davies, Mr Lewis, Masters Pearce, Crawford, St Hill, Bidwell, Rhodes, Prendergast, Wardell (2), Clayton, Taylor (2), Meredith, Johnson, Burnes

May 27 - Manawatu, ps 103 tons, Griffiths for Wanganui with 10 immigrants

May 27 - Murray as 78 tons, Palmer for Nelson

Other interesting odds and ends from the same paper

The ketch "Alert", Captain King, well known in this port, the property of Fell Bros., Blenheim, has foundered on Pelorus Sound. She left Havelock on the 9th instant bound for Blenheim, was delayed a few days in the Sound, when she was found to be leaking, and recourse was had to the pumps, but they proved to be choked, and as the water was gaining fast, after an abortive attempt to keep her clear by baling with the buckets, all hands had to take to the boats leaving her in the sound where ultimately she sunk. The boats reached Blenheim in safety and a judicial enquirery was held there resulting in the complete exoneration of the Captain and crew from all blame.


At the Hutt Police Court today there was nothing for Mr Crawford to do. One assault case was down for hearing, but neither plaintiff, nor defendant appeared. There were four civil cases down, but all were settled out of court.

At the Police Courts today, James C Darby was charged with being drunk and disorderly and using obscene language in the public streets. The prisoner, who is a newly arrived immigrant was dismissed with a caution.

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