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The Daily Southern Cross May 9th 1876

This fine clipper ship arrived at an anchorage in port yesterday evening, from London. She brings a full general cargo, and a number of passengers , who all arrived in good health. The passage has been a fine weather one throughout, and was accomplished in 86 days. The La Escocesa is a Dundee clipper, of 946 tons, owned in Liverpool by Messrs Balfour and Co., and commanded by Captain Evans. She is consigned to the New Zealand Shipping Co. The following is a report of the passage:- Left London on the 6th February, and the Lizards on the 8th. N E winds were carried from the English Channal to 3o north of the line. Sighted Madeira on the 14th February, and the Cape De Verde Islands on the 22nd. Crossed the Equator on the 1st March. Picked up the S E trades on the previous day, and carried them as far as latitude 29o S which was reached on the 12th of March. Passed the meridian of the Cape of Good Hope in latitude 41o 40' S on the 1st of April. From thence had to tussle against easterly winds for a space of three weeks. The eastings were run down between the parallels of 45o and 46o S latitude. Sighted the Three Kings at 8 pm on the 5th of May, and made the great Barrier next evening. There being scarcely a breath of wind yesterday morning, very little progress was made up the channel, but towards evening a flood tide and a gentle breeze brought her to an anchorage. Her voyage has been an uneventful one, beautiful fine weather being experienced, and but for a long easterly spell after rounding the Cape, a capital run would have been scored. The La Escoceas is owned by Messrs Balfour & Co., of Liverpool, and is classed A1 at Lloyds. She is seven years old. She has previously been in the Oregon trade. On discharge she will proceed to California via Newcastle, N S W.