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New Zealand Times October 6th 1875

The composite clipper ship (A1 15 years) Kinfauns Castle, under the command of Captain Robert Kidd, left London on July 4, experienced favourable weather, and had a rapid passage to the meridian of the Cape. Afterwards the prevailing winds were easterly until she arrived at 460 S and 800 E, when she encountered a perfect hurricane from the S S W, which blew away the lower main and mizzen topsail, also the maintopgallantsail from the yard. For the safety of the ship and the animals on board the captain kept her before the wind. The hurricane lasted six hours, and then moderated into a hard gale. Four of the sheep on board were so severely bruised by the heavy rolling of the ship that they soon after died. The weather for the rest of the voyage was most unfavourable for amking a good passage. The wind prevented him from taking the passage through Cook Strait. The Kinfaus castle arrived off the Heads at 10 pm on Sunday, and hove to for a pilot, but did not receive one until 4 pm on Monday last. She finally cast anchor in harbour yesterday at 7 pm. The crew and passengers are all in good health. The captain further informs us that the ship, from the nature and stowage of the cargo, rolled so heavily during the passage that he fully expected that she would be dismasted before his arrival in port.

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The Kinfauns Castle brings to this port eleven pure-bred Southdown sheep, also a purebred shorthorn bull and cow. They have had a considerable shaking during the voyage, but it is expected that they will begin to look up after a few days spent browsing on our New Zealand pastures.