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The Southern Cross January 17th 1860

The ship which was signalled on Sunday morning proved to be the Jura, Captain Chambers, from London. Her dates are: - The "Downs" on the 3rd October; Madeira sighted on the 16th; and the line on the 3rd Nov., in long. 270 W. The island of Trinidada was sighted on the 11th Nov., and the Cape passed on Dec. 1st, in 390 10' South. The Jura ran down her Easting in between 410 and 420 S. and was abreast of Van Dieman's land on 29th December. Thence she experiemced headwinds, from N E to E N E as far as the Three Kings, which were made on Thursday last. The winds down the Coast were light, and the North Head was not reached till Sunday, at about 11am, when she was obliged to bring up. The Jura arriveds in good condition, and with all on board, (78 statute adults) healthy. Neither births nor deaths have occurred during the voyage.