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The Taranaki Herald September 21st 1853

The Joseph Fletcher reports having spoken the barque Stratford, on the 11th inst off Van Diemens Land, bound for Sydney, with mails, out 100 days, having left Plymouth on the 4th June.

Messrs Willis's splendid ship the 'Joseph Fletcher', arrived here on Sarurday evening last, having made the voyage from Deal to this port in 89 days. She brings 140 passengers, upwards of 70 of whom remain with us. The voyage was prosperous and agreeable, all speaking in very high terms of the kindness and courtesy of the commander Captain Foster.

Messrs Willis's Agent here has received the following letter by the Joseph Fletcher, in reference to the boating establishment of New Plymouth. The interest shown by that influential firm in the prosperity of this settlement will be duly appreciated on a perusal of the dosument.

                                                                                                                  London, 18th June, 1853

      Dear Sir
             With reference to a letter which we addressed to Captain Foster, of the 'Joseph Fletcher', dated 17th inst., respecting the importance of a proper staff of boats, &c., being appointed for the efficient and speedy discharge of vessels at your settlement, and urging him to use ecery exertion to get this done. Seeing that the matter is one of most absolute vital importance, both to ourselves and the welfare of the settlment, we hereby authorise you to put our names down on any subscription list which may be opened in furtherance of this object, to the extent of twenty-five pounds sterling (say 25), which please pass to our debt in account.

                                                                                                                    We are, dear sir,
                                                                                                             Your very obedient servants,

                                              Samuel Vickers, Esq
                                                        New Plymouth, N Z

The Joseph Fletcher has no very large amount of cargo for this place, and should the weather prove propitious will not be detained here more than three or four days. We have been favoured with English papers to the 19th of June by this arrival, from which some extracts will be foiund in another column.