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The New Zealander March 9th 1858

The John Scott followed close upon the heels of the Gazelle.  She took her departure from the Downs on 18th and from Plymouth on 20 November.  On 30th, whilst at Lisbon, she encountered a tremendous gale which lasted for 24 hours but did no damage.  She had no NE trades – crossed the equator on 23 December, passing in sight of Pernambaca on 26th and picking up very favourable SE trades; passed the meridian of the Cape of Good Hope on 19 January and in 19 days afterwards was in the meridian of Cape Lewin.  Ran down her easting with strong ?westerly weather; sighted two icebergs.  Passed the south end of Tasmania on 13 February from whence she had to make a dead beat all the way against a succession of light ENE winds.   Fetched within 100 miles of the North Cape on 21 February but it was not until Tuesday, the 1st inst., that she was able to double it.  There was one death – that of Louisa CONSTABLE, a child, which took place on 26th ult.  There was also one birth.  She spoke no vessels during the passage but was in company of the Gazelle for the last day or two.  She is a fine sightly ship; brings a considerable accession of an apparently highly respectable class to our population and has come into harbour in a remarkably clean and creditable condition.  She has also brought the Lifeboat ordered by the Auckland Provincial Government.  We cannot conclude this notice without welcoming back our former much esteemed pastor, Archdeacon Abraham, now Bishop of Wellington, who we are happy to find, has returned in improved health and spirits.