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Lyttelton Times April 11th 1875

The barque Inverdruie, Captain Wootton in command, arrived in harbour yesterday after a passage of ninety-five days from Portland, having encountered some very severe weather during the run. She is a smart looking wooden barque, belonging to J and R Grant of London, nine years old, and has been seen in the Madras trade up to the present time. She has the reputation of being a fast sailer, and has fine carrying capacities. She brings a full cargo.

Tha Captain reports leaving London on December 29, and Gravesend on January 2. Had light east winds down the Channel; landed Pilot and took departure from Portland on January 6, with easterly winds, and fine weather across the Bay [of Biscay]. Sighted san Antonio on January 15, and crossed the Equator on January 23, eighteen days from Portland. The meridian of the Cape was passed on february 19; was off the Leuwin on march 23, the weather being westerly and moderate, which held for twenty-four hours only. The Snares were made on April 5, with a strong N E breeze. Sighter Otago light on April 8; made banks Peninsula on Monday morning, after being hove-to all night, the weather being dirty, and arrived at an anchorage at the Heads at 3 pm yesterday.