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Evening Post January 31st 1879

The Inch Marnock, a very smart looking barque of 787 tons, under command of Captain Robson, came to an anchor at 10 o'clock this morning, after a very good run of 85 days from the time she landed the pilot to letting go her anchor here. She left London on the 4th November, and landed her pilot on the evening of the 6th off Dover. Moderate winds and fine weather were experienced to the Equator, crossed on the 24th day out; thence to the cape, on 27th December, also fine weather; here strong E and E S E winds were met with; from 70 deg E to the Snares wind principally from north; made the Snares on the 25th inst, and had to beat all the way up the coast. Yesterday mornig encountered a heavy N N E gale, with tremendous sea, during which nearly all her sails were blown to ribbons, but no other damage done. Saw the lighthouse at 8.20 last night, from which time up 10 o'clock burnt blue lights for pilot, but as he did not come out, the captain decided to stand in, and brought her to an anchor as stated above. She spoke several vesels during the voyage, but none for Wellington. The Inch Marnock is only two years old, and owned by the Cluth Shipping Company; she is chartered to Shaw, Saville & Co., this voyage. Her last voyage was made from London to Adelaide in 84 days. She brings five passengers, all of whom have arrived in good health.