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From the Evening Post Tuesday, May 25 1875

The ship Hindostan., 1547 tons, Captain Gregory, was signalled on Saturday morning, and arrived in Port in the afternoon. Pilot Holmes was on board from an early hour in the morning. As soon as the ship anchored the Health Officer and Immigration Commissioner boarded her, but were received in a discourteous manner by her Captain, who refused to accompany them in an inspection of the vessel and her living freight. Consequently no regular muster or inspection could be held by the proper authorities, and the duty apparently devolved on the shipping reporter of the times, as we are told in yesterday morning's issue that "our reporter carefully inspected the different quarters and found everything the picture of cleanliness and comfort, which accounts for the absence of any serious sickness during the passage. In answer to our representative's enquiries as to whether they had any complaints to make, they unanimously replied in the negative; the only dissentient being a rather captious individual who could only find one fault with the captain because he was not allowed to perform a surgical operation on a fellow passenger". Of course the presence on board of any one save the port authorities was irregular until the vessel was admitted to pratique, and in direct defiance of the printed instructions. Probably official notice will be taken of the matter. The commissioners had arranged to inspect the immigrants on Sunday, and to land them yesterday, but the reception they met with determined them not to depart from the regular official routine by working on either Sunday or a public holiday, and consequently the official inspection was postponed until today. We believe that Pilot Holmes experienced anything but a hospitable reception on board the Hindostan. Captain Gregory is, we learn for the first time in command of an English ship, and has apparently been prejudiced at home against this port. On Sunday he heisted the quarantine flag at the main, causing no little consternation in town, and despite the remonstrance of the Harbour Master kept it flying yesterday and this forenoon alleging it was his private flag and he would do as he liked on board his own ship. The Hindostan. is a new ship, built in New Brunswick, and launched last year. The following is her report:- Left Gravesend for Wellington and bluff Harbour with a general cargo and 190 emigrants on Wednesday morning, the 10th February, had head winds in the Channel and rough weather. On 12th February, a seaman names John smith of Yarmouth, England fell from the upper maintopsail yard, whist assisting to furl the sail, lodging in the starboard life boat killing himself instantly. Passed the Cape on 14th April, in latitude 47deg south. Ran down the easting in 48 deg South , the highest southern latitude reached being 51 deg south. Made southwest Cape Stewart's Island on Tuesday 18th May. Passed the Otago Lighthouse on Wednesday the 19th at 5p.m. Took the pilot at the Heads and arrived on Saturday afternoon the 22nd, after a passage of 100 days 12 hours from London. She is consigned to Messrs Turnball and Co. and brings 100 immigrants equal to 157 statute adults. There was one birth and one death (as infant) on the voyage. Dr Donaldson, who was here in the Golden Sea is the medical officer.


On the 24th inst, at Tory St, the wife of the late Harry Grimstone, of a son.

On the 24th inst, at Willis St, the wife of Mr Andrew Young, of a daughter.

On the 23rd inst, at Ingestre St, Jane, infant daughter of Thomas Fraser.

On the 25th instant at Nelson E. W. Bunny, Esq, Registrar of the Supreme Court, aged 54.

We regret to learn that Mr. C. Massey, the well-know scenic artist, was yesterday obliged to enter the Provincial Hospital suffering from the effects of blood poisoning. A short time ago he allowed some emerald green to get into a cut on his finger, and yesterday serious consequences supervened. Today we are glad to learn Mr Massey seems rather better.

At the Police Court yesterday, Patrick Regan and James Kennedy, charged with drunkenness, were dismissed with a caution. Matthew Symes, for drunkenness and resisting the police, was fined 20s. R. J. Duncan, Esq J. P. presided.