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The Hawkes Bay Herald October 24th 1868

The barque Henry Miller arrived in the roadstead from England on Monday afternoon last. She left Folkestone on the 22nd June, shortly after which she encountered succession of heavy gales which lasted nearly throughout the passage. When off Mauritius, on the 8th September, in latitude 40o 50' south, she encountered a very severe gale, accompanied by rain squalls and a cross sea, which caused the ship to labour so much that she was taking in seas over both quarters, and was making so much water that the pumps were kept constantly going; at last it was decided to throw a portion of cargo overboard for the safety of the ship, which was done from both ends to the extent of 30 tons. After this better weather was made, although very heavy gales were experienced up to the time the New Zealand coast was sighted, on the 17th instant, Wellington light being sighted at 7pm on the same day, whence to this port she had moderately fair weather. Although it was expected that a large portion of the cargo would be damaged, yet on opening the hatches the damage was found to be comparatively trifling to what was anticipated.