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Wellington Independent August 30th 1870

The ship Halcione, Capt., Bishop, from London, arrived in this harbour on Sunday night last. She sailed form London on the 3rd June, and left the Telegraph ship, in the channel, on the 8th June. On the 27th she shghted the ship John Bunyan, from Nelson bound to London, in lat 60 N, long 240 W. Crossed the Equator on the 1st July. On the 5th, sighted the ship Oriana, from Liverpool bound to Calcutta; on the 7th, the ship Balkamah, and on the 8th the ship Astracan, both from London and also bound to Calcutta. On the same day sighted the island of Trinidad. On the night of the 28th encountered a heavy gale from the N N W, and whilst the ship was rolling and lurching heavily, a sea swept the decks. On mustering the crew, John Kearsey, and able seaman, was missing, having evidently been washed overboard. It was very dark at the time, and although Kearsey had just previously been standing in the midst of some eight or ten of his shipmates, not one of them saw him go. She ran down her easting in 450 S., and experienced the usual trade winds. Passed the meridian of the Cape on the 25th, and met with a succession of gales until reaching Tasmania. On the 2nd of August a tremendous sea struck the ship, carrying away her top gallant bulwarks, and doing other damage. Passed Tasmania on the 20th, and sighted Cape Farewell on the 26th. Shortly after sighting the latter she encountered a heavy S E gale. On the 28th the wind veered around to the N E, when she squared away and ran for Terawiti, arriving at the heads at 4 pm the same day, thus accomplishing the passage from land to land in 78 days, and from Gravesend to the anchorage in Wellington in 87 days, being one of the quickest passages on record. Captain Bishop states that if he had been bound to Melbourne he could have reached it on the 68th day out. This is the twelth voyage that our old friend Captain Bishop has made to this port. He brings sixty passengers, who have all arrived in good health, amongst whom are Mr Hursthouse, of Taranaki; Mr Alexander, of Wanganui; Mr and Mrs Canning, and family, of Nelson, and Mrs Major Bell, of Cape Turnagain. Mr Canning has some well-bred stock on board, consisting of a cow and ten sheep; and Messrs Taylor and Watt, of Wanganui, have also imported four pure-bred rams. She brings a full cargo of merchandise, amongst which is the bulk of the pipes for Mr Beck's water works, and is consigned to Messrs Levin & Co. The following flattering testimonial was presented to Captain Bishop on completion of the voyage:- Ship Halcione, Wellington, 29th August 1870. - On completionof the ir pleasant passages to New Zealand, the undersigned passengers per Halcione beg to express to Capt., Bishop and his officers their sense of the care and skill with which the ship has been sailed, and their appreciation of the uniform courtesy and kindness they have experienced. Then follow the signatures of James Alexander, Charles Flinders Hursthouse, and 48 other passengers.