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Evening Post Thursday, June 4th, 1868

The ship Gertrude, Captain Dewar, arrived in port at 5 p.m. yesterday, from London. The pilot left her on the 26th February off the Isle of Wight. She fell in with a furious gale in latitude 49 deg. 51 min. S, and 85 deg. 51 min. E; ship hove to for 24 hours; shipped some heavy seas, lifting the quarter boats and davits out of the sockets, also stoving one of the lifeboats which was on the skids; stove in the skylight on the poop, flooding the cabin and storeroom. A midshipman of the name of E Archibald, deranged, jumped overboard on the occasion of the ship crossing the Line; he was immediately rescued by the Chief Officer and four hands in the ship's gig; he died; he died on the 12th may from water on the brain, ascertained by a post mortem made by the surgeon; on the same day saw a large iceberg about six miles distant. The Gertrude brings 100 passengers, chiefly for Napier, equal to about 86 statute adults, and 9 cabin passengers. The passengers consist of 24 single women, 26 single men, and 50 souls married, with children, all of whom have arrived well and in good health; no births or deaths(with the single exception above mentioned) occurred during the passage. There is about 1000 tons of general cargo, consigned to Messrs. Levin and Co.