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New Zealander July 14th 1864

Ship of 1327 tons, Captain Perkin, from Gravesend 5 April, passing down the Channel and taking final departure from Scilly on the 9th. Sighted and passed westward of Cape de Verde Islands and Madeira. Poor NE trades, crossing the line in longitude 23-28 West on 27 April. Scarcely any SE trades, sighted Trinidad on 9 May, passed meridian of the Cape on 28 May, latitude 46o South and ran down her easting in about 47o South with strong winds. Passed southward of Tasmania and on 25 June had heavy northerly gales. Made the Kings on 9 July, with SW winds along the coast and came up the harbour last night. She brings 146 passengers and had two deaths; A Maori named Kihiringa Te Mahui on 12 May, and Mr. Temple of consumption on 16 May; and two births. Amongst the passengers we note Lady Wiseman and the party of Maori who went to England with Mr. Jenkins. The Flying Foam exchanged colours with the Kate Keamey from Monte Video to Queenstown off Trinidada.