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The New Zealander December 22nd 1858

The ship Evening Star, Captain F S EWEN, arrived in harbour last night a little before 6 o’clock.  She sailed from Gravesend on the 11th , from the Downs on 15th and sighted Madeira on 26 September.  She experienced light and fine North East trades, losing them in 3o North.  On 9 October in lat. 6o 30’ North, 220 West, spoke the  ship Glenbervie from London to Adelaide 43 days out.  Crossed the equator on 20 October.  In long 29o 30’ West.  21 October spoke the ship Trafalgar.  In lat. 30 28’ South, long 32o 11’ West, from London to Madras, 40 days out.  24 October, in lat. 10o 46’ South, long. 33o 14’ West, the ship America from London to Ponta d’Agenas, 60 days out.  25 October in lat. 12o 17’ South, long 33o 43’ West, the ship Heroes of Alma.  Caught the South East Trade in 2o30’ North lat, a fine strong breeze and carried it to 21o South.  Passed the meridian of the Cape of Good Hope on 13 November and ran down her Easting between the parallels of 48o and 49o South, fine weather.  Sighted the South Cape of Tasmania on 12th instant; and made the North Cape on Sunday last.  For the last six weeks averaged 220 miles a day, the greatest day’s run being 320 miles.  The Evening Star is a smart ship, Jersey-built.  She has a spacious poop 50 feet in length, and she has come into harbour creditably clean.  There was no sickness but one birth during the passage.