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Lyttelton Times July 24th 1874

The ship England, after a fair passage from London, which port she left on the 8th December, arrived in port this afternoon 90 days out. The following is the report of the ship England, from London, with a general cargo, and 30 families of Scandinavian passengers, numbering 30 adults and 34 children, 6 single men Scandinavians; 4 do., British; 8 single women, Scandinavians; 9 do., British; also two cabin passengers, Mr Badland and Mr McGrath, besides the captain's family. She left Gravesend on the 8th December; had contrary winds in the Channel, and took her departure from the Lizard on the 15th; had contrary winds from thence to Madeira, which island was passed on the 26th; from thence had fair trades, and crossed the Equator in 27 30 W., on the 7th January; passed the meridian of the Cape of Good Hope on the 5th February; had steady winds from thence, passed south of Kerguelans Land, and passed the longitude of Cape Lewen on 23rd February; passed Vandieman's Land on the 28th, and arrived off the entrance to Cook's Straits on Monday last, since which time she has been detained by light airs and calms, thus making the passage from the Lizard to Cook's Straits in 80 days, and completing the voyage from Gravesend to this port in 90 days. We regret to learn that there has been a very severe outbreak of measles, commencing among the children of the Scandinavians, and also severe diarrhoea, in consequence of which there has been 16 deaths during the voyage - viz., 3 adults and 2 children of measles, and 11 children of diarrhoea