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The Otago Daily Times December 15th 1868

The brigantine Emulous, reported as having arrived at Wellington from Nova Scotia, with a number of passengers, and sailed for this port, arrived in harbour at 7 am yesterday; waited for the flood tide, and proceeded with her living freight to Dunedin during the afternoon. The vessel is owned by the captain and several of the passengers, and made Wellington, as a central place in New Zealand, for the purpose of settling down there. She remained at Wellington three days, during which time a heavy gale prevailed, and none of those on board landed. News, however, was got from the shore that there was a disturbance in the North Island, and settlement in Otago was preferable, on which the vessel was got under weigh at 10 o'clock on Wednesday evening last for Dunedin, and experienced variable winds and strong southerly gales on the coast. The Emulous sailed from Halifax, Nova Scotia, on the 19th of August, and had fine weather to the line. The N E Trades were lost on the 14th of September in lat 7 25 N. South and S W winds and variables then prevailed until crossing the Equator on the 25th of the same month, in long 24 40 W. The S E Trades were parted with in lat 24 S on October the 6th. On the 15th she sighted the island of Tristan d'Acunha and passed to the northward of it. The meridian of Greenwich was crossed on the 19th, and the Cape on the 24th of the same month. In running down her easting, she encountered, for the most part, strong gales, accompanied at time by heavy hail and snow storms. The N W part of the Middle Island was sighted on the 4th, at noon, and she anchored in Wellington Harbour at 5 am on the 7th. Whether this little colony will settle here or in Martin's Bay, on the West Coast, is a matter of conjecture. They have on board all the requisites for settlement, and arer accompanied by a minister and a doctor, who have been careful of the spiritual and temporal welfare of those under their care during the passage. The captain and mates have also got their wives and families with them. After a determination is come to and the cargo discharged, the vessel, which is only 18 months old, and a handy craft for Inter-colonial coasting trade, will be sold. No sickness of an infectious character occurred throughout the voyage. We heartily wish the newcomers success in the country of their adoption. The Emulous spoke, on October the 5th, the ship Burns from New York to Adelaide, in lat 22 2 S, long 52 23 W; on November 21st, the ship Red Rover, from London to Melbourne, in lat 45 S, long 12 3 E, 82 days out. All well.