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The Wellington Independent October 14th 1869

The clipper ship Electra, Captain Sellars, from London, arrived in this harbour on Tuesday afternoon last, after a favourable passage of ninety-five days. She sailed from Gravesend on the 9th July, with light winds, and had light variable winds down the Channel. On the 12th landed the Pilot off Dartmouth, thence, till off Madeira, had light variable winds. On the 22nd got N E trades in 310 N and 190 W, which continued till the 29th in latitude 120 57' N, longitude 260 36' W; thence to the Equator, had light westerly and S W winds. Crossed the Equator on August 7th, in 180 39' W, and got the S E trades same day fresh, but hanging for south. On the 14th lost the S E trades in latitude 200 37' N (surely S?) and longitude 310 39' W; was four days calmed in the calms of Capricorn; thence had the usual weather in running down her easting, with light fresh breezes and gales occasionally. Nothing of any note occurred until she reached latitude 460 10' S, and longitude 1210 30' E, on the 24th September, at 1pm, ice was reported in sight, and by 3pm, thirty icebergs could be counted from the deck. Fortunately they had fine clear weather and light winds, the vessel steering through and amongst them, and at 5pm, from the masthead, nothing but ice could be seen as far as the eye could reach, which to the south appeared to be one unbroken mass. The last ice seen was at 2am on the 25th, up to which time they had passed through fifty-three icebergs counted from the deck, and large masses of broken ice; the distance sailed being about ninety miles. The weather for several days previous had been extremely cold, which made them think that they were in the neighbourhood of ice, but they never expected to meet with such a large quantity of it, indeed, it is the first ice that Captain Sellars has ever seen in the Indian Ocean. On the 30th September they were abreast of Tasmania and experienced a strong N E gale. The size of the icebergs was from 200 feet long and 100 feet hight o two miles long and 400 feet high. A great many of them were quite flat on top, resembling table lands. On October 3rd made the Snares, and was abreast of them at 7pm; had fine westerly breezes and cloudy weather with passing squalls. At noon on the 4th was abreast of the south end of the Middle Island, and experienced light S W winds. She brings twelve passengers and a full cargo of general merchandise, and is consigned to Messrs Levin & Co. Captain Sellars was formerly master of the ships Ida Zeigler and Bombay, for many years trading between Auckland and London, and never failed to the good opinion of the very large number of passengers he has on various occasions introduced into that province. The Electra spoke the Robert Henderson, for Otago, on August 19th, and parted company with her on the 22nd, in latitude 320 10' S, and longitude 270 18' W, being the only vessel spoken bound for the colonies.