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Wellington Independent October 22nd 1868

The favorite clipper ship Electra, Captain Mowlem, arrived in harbour yesterday morning at 7 o'clock. She left Gravesend on the 24th July, crossed the line when 28 days out, and was off the Cape of Good Hope 30 days afterwards. She experienced foul weather until reaching the latitude of Tasmania, and met with a heavy gale on the 9th October. At 8 am on that day she carried away the foretopsail yard, and at 11 am shipped a heavy sea which washed away the gig from the davits, and disabled the second officer and six men; at 5 pm a terrific sea was running, and two boats on skids were smashed, and a man washed overboard; the ship was then going at the rate of 14 knots, and it was impossible to save him; at 6 pm, finding it impossible to run any longer, hove to for 36 hours, when damages were repaired and she resumed her course. On the 14th October another gale compelled the ship to heave to for 12 hours