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New Zealand Herald May 15th 1873

The fine iron ship Edinburgh Castle, 627 tons, Captain Henry Cape, was signalled at Mount Victoria yesterday morning, and anchored in the powder-grounds last evening, after a protracted and chequered passage from London. On boarding the vessel our shipping reporter was kindly furnished with the following particulars of the passage by Captain Cape:- The Edinburgh Castle left London for this port, with a full general cargo and nine intermediate passengers, on the 14th of December last year. She arrived in the Downs on the 16th. When off Beachy Head she came in collision with the Norwegian brigantine Fergus, carrying away sdome of her fore-rigging, topgallant bulwarks, and anchor-stock. The brigantine was also injured by the collision, and had to bear up for Dover. The Edinburgh Castle put back to Deal, and remained there until the 28th repairing damages. She then made a second start, and had proceeded as far as the Eddystone Lighthouse, whej she experienced a very heavy gale of wind, which lasted till the 2nd January, and obliged the ship to put back to Portland. Here she remained until the 24th, experiencing the full force of the S W galeswhich blew during that period. She finally cleared the Channel on the 26th January. Picked up the N E trades in 21 degN. 21 deg W., and crossed the Equator on the 24th February. Thence had light S E trade   winds until passing the island of Trinidad. After this light easterly winds and heavy squally weather was experienced, from S to S S E. Passed the meridian of Greenwich 61 days out, and the meridian of the Cape on April 1. Ran down her easting between the parallels of 43 deg. and 41 deg. S long., experiencing westerly winds nearly all the time. , and making on an average nearly 200 miles a day. Reached the coast of Tasmania 95 days out; thence to the Three Kings variable weather, with heavy thunder and lightning. Made the North Cape on the 9th instant, and had light baffling S and S S W winds till arrival. The ship, considering the length of the passage since leaving London, comes into port in a very cleanly condition. There was no sickness during the voyage, no births, and no deaths. The Edinburgh Castle comes consigned to Messrs Owen and Graham. On discharge of her powder she will come up the harbour.