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New Zealand Herald July 11th 1882

Early yesterday morning the barque Easterhill was sighted, and the PS Tongariro went down and towed the vessel up the harbour to off Queen Street Wharf, where she dropped her anchor. Her voyage has occupied 105 days. She brings twenty two passengers, all of whom are well, and a large cargo of general merchandise, valued at 32,900. Captain Evans has supplied the following report of the voyage:- Left Gravesend on Monday, 27th March, and towed to Beechy Head; thence had strong beat down Channel, wind westerly and fresh throughout. On April 15th passed Madeira, whence we gained the N E moderate trades. Crossed the Equator on April 30th, in long. 27deg. W. S E trades proved moderate. Sighted Trinidad on May 7th; encountered two strong gales from the eastward in 32deg S and 22deg W., with high sea; ship under two lower topsails, and labouring heavily. Thence ordinary weather to the Cape of Good Hope, which was rounded on May 28th, in lat. 42deg S. Thence to about 75deg. E very unsteady winds and thick cold weather. Rounded the Leuwin on the 24th June, in 47deg. 10min S; from there to Tasmania encountered heavy N W gales and thick weather. Eastward of Tasmania more boisterous weather was again met with, but the ship was doing pretty good work up to 37deg. and 160deg. E; then light S W wind and exceedingly fine clear weather for a few days. Made the Three Kings on the July 8th, and on the 10th got Auckland pilot 6 miles inside Tiritiri. The New Zealand Shipping Company request that consignees will pas entries at the Customs and take delivery of their goods at once, so as to prevent delay in the discharge.

New Zealand Herald July 11th 1882

The Captain of the barque Easterhill, upon his arrival in port yesterday morning, reported that one of his seamen, named Joshua Thomas, A B, a native of Newport, Pembrokeshire, had gone amissing, and it was supposed he had been washed overboard during the prevalence of heavy weather. It appears that when the vessel was in lat 40deg., 10 min., S and 126deg., E sailing under reefed upper topsails and whole foresail, a very heavy sea was running, and at 2pm, when the second mate called his watch to set a reefed main topsail-staysail, it was found that deceased was missing. He was last seen at noon of the same day, and it was concluded that he had been washed overboard.