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New Zealand Herald May 19th 1875

The fine Clyde-built iron clipper ship Dunedin, 1250 tons, Captain John Whitson, arrived in port yesterday from London, with a large general cargo, 29 saloon passengers, and 210 Government immigrants, all of whom arrived in good health. We are indebted to Captain Whitson for supplying us with the following report of passage:- Left Gravesend on the 13th February, towed to Beachy Head; had light winds and thick weather down Channel. Took our departure from Start Point, and carried light unsteady winds until picking up the N E trades in 25 degrees N. These were carried to 3 degrees N. Crossed the Equator in longitude 23 degrees 30 minutes W, on the 11th March. The S E trades were met in 2 degrees S, and were carried to 21 degrees S. They proved steady. Thence light baffling winds for several days, after had fresh breezes from S S E. These carried the ship to latitude 32 degrees S, and longitude 32 degrees W, when light westerley winds were experienced to the meridian of the Cape of Good Hope, which was crossed in latitude 41 degrees 30 minutes S on the 7th April. From thence, fresh westerley and N W breezes, with the weather to longitude 120 degrees E, during which the good ship made an average of ten knots an hour, the best day's run being respectively 334 miles, 315 miles and 310 miles. From longitude 120 degrees E to 148 degrees E had light winds from the S W, then eight days of light easterly airs and calms to Tasmania; barometer varying from 30.40 to 30.65. Passed the Meridian of Tasmania on the 10th May; very unsettled weather ensued for five days, attended by squalls, thunder and lightening -