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The New Zealander July 7th 1855

The Duke of Portland continues to maintain the reputation she has so deservedly acquired in the NZ trade – that of a punctual and trustworthy clipper – having arrived in harbour on Thursday morning after a fine passage of 97 days from Gravesend and 93 from the Lizard.  She sailed from Gravesend on 29 March and took her final departure from the Channel on 31st.  She experienced fine moderate weather to the equator which she crossed on 24 April.  On 1 May exchanged numbers with the ship Mary Ann Ffolliot, 37 days from London to Calcutta.  On 11 May she passed close to Inaccessible Island Tristan d’Acunha.   On 15 May the ship Carrier Pigeon from Montevideo to Cork was spoken.   The Duke of Portland fetched a high latitude, one or two icebergs were seen but the entire passage was one of moderate weather throughout.  On 29 June at 10.40 a.m., she sighted Three Kings, from thence the passage along the coast has been protracted by light and baffling southerly winds.   There are 23 passengers for Auckland and 29 for New Plymouth.