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The Star May 8th 1872

This fine frigate-built ship, commanded by Captain Kerr, was signalled off the heads at an early hour yesterday, but as she was some miles off, and as it was blowing a S.W. breeze, the Commissioners did not go down to her until late in the day. Captain Kerr reports that he left theo Start Point on January 22, and landed his pilot; from thence had strong southerly gales, which increased to the 24th, when it blew a strong gale, with high cross seas, until the 25th, when the wind moderated. On the 26th it blew strong from N.W., increasing into a heavy gale, and continued during the 27th; on the 28th it moderated; bar. 29.60. On the 29th another gale from the S.W., with high cross seas, sprang up, which continued until 31st; thence to the 3rd Feb. had light winds, being in Lat. 45.5 N., 10.19 W; from thence had light westerly winds, until 7th, when a gale sprang up from the S.S.W., which moderated next day, and veered round to the N.W. ; had thence steady breezes to the 12th, when strong gales prevailed up to the 14th, wind being N. to N.N.W. ; thence had a succession of gales to sighting Palmer Island; on Feb. 20 caught the N.E. trades to the equator, which was passed on March 5, 45 days out. Had a succession of variable weather for three days, caught the S.E. trades 5. S., and lost them on March 15, in 26. S. ; passed the meridian of Greenwich 25th March, and the meridian of the Cape of Good Hope on April 2, 42 S. ; ran down eastings in 45 S. to 46 S.; from the meridian of the Cape had very unsettled weather, wind veering from N.N.E. to S.W., and backing to north and west every 24 hours. On April 26, at 11 p.m., a heavy sea struck the vessel, carrying away the quarter-boat, smashing her coops and outer skylights; sighted the Snares at 1 p.m., May 3 ; thence had squally weather up the coast until Sunday, when a strong S.W. gale was caught off the Peninsula; the same day arrived off the heads as above. The passengers and immigrants speak in high terms of the treatment they have received from Captain and Mrs Kerr. Dr Rickards, who has acted for many years as Surgeon Superintendent under the old Government staff, speaks in the highest terms of the conduct of the immigrants. The ship has a large cargo, and is consigned to Messrs Dalgety, Nichols, and Co.