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New Zealand Herald, May 16th 1865

The fine ship Dauntless, in command of Captain Moore, arrived in harbour yesterday morning from Kingstown, bringing a cargo of general merchandise and about 400 Government immigrants. She also brings 17 of the men belonging to the ship Fiery Star, which was burnt off Chatham Islands in April last, full particulars of which will be found elsewhere. The Dauntless left Queenstown on the 31 December, 1864, and when off Cape Finisterre saw a ship in distress. The life-boat was sent to her, and upon boarding her found it to be the ship Pryne, of St. John's, Brunswick, and immediately offered assistance, which was not required as the Captain thought he should be able to make some port in safety. The Pryme had lost her rudder, sails, topmast, and boats, and was loaded with timber. Captain Moore sent some provisions on board and then left her.

The Dauntless passed outside the Cape de Verde Islands, and experienced S.E and N.E trades, crossing the Equator in 24 W., long. After passing the meridian of the Cape she had light winds, and ran down her easting between 40 and 42 S. Tasmania was sighted on the 18th April, and the south end of Stewart Island on the 25th of the same month. She has experienced baffling winds since, and arrived in port at 10a.m. yesterday morning. In latitude 19 20'S., logitude 20 4' ., the Dauntless was boarded by a boat from H.M.S.S. Harrier, bound from Auckland to England. In lowering the boats to the Dauntless, one of the seamen fell into the water, and was never seen to rise any more. The Lieutenant who boarded her reported that the Harrier sailed from Falkner's Island in the 20th January, and that during her stay there a Sub-Lieutenant named Jerroham, had gone out shooting, and had not returned again. It was supposed that he had been attacked by wild bulls.

The Dauntless has arrived in port in a very creditable condition, considering the long time she has been at sea, and Captain Moore and his officers are deserving of the highest praise. Captain Moore and the doctor of the ship have received congratulatory addresses from the passengers, copies of which we shall have pleasure in publishing in to-morrow's issue. (They weren't published)

During the passage there were 20 deaths, 17 births and 2 marriages.

We regret to have to state that the sailors on several occasions turned into a state of mutiny, and succeeding in getting several of the passengers on board to help them. When off Cape of Good Hope they threatened to take the life of Captain Moore and said they would take the ship into the Cape. Captain Moore broke into a case of rifles consigned to the Colonial Secretary for protection, and afterwards he and the officers went about armed. Various threats were made against the captain, and he found it necessary to place three of them in irons. When the Dauntless arrived in port the mutineers were brought on shore and will be brought up at Police Court to-day.