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The New-Zealander June 27th 1855

The barque Cresswell, Capt. Barnett, arrived in harbour on Sunday morning, after an unusually tedious passage of 144 days from Gravesend. She was 78 days before she made the Cape of Good Hope; from thence to New Plymouth the run was a fair one, having been accomplished in 40 days. She reached New Plymouth on the 3rd inst., and came to an anchor, from which she was obliged to slip, leaving anchor and chain behind. She again stood in, and continued under sail for two days, not again venturing to bring up with diminished ground tackle. From New Plymouth to Auckland the passage proved a harrassing one, sixteen days having been spent contending with the strong adverse winds that have for some time past prevailed. The Cresswell brings forty passengers, several of whom have previously taken passage in the ill-fated Polar Star. She also brought a Leicestershire ewe and ram, and a Lincolnshire ram (a third ram died) which have come out in excellent condition. The first two were bred by Sir Tatton Sykes, of Sledmere Hall, the other by John Maltby, Esq., of South Park. The sheep are the property of Mr Joseph Newman. Cunningham's patent reefing apparatus has been applied to the main-topsail of the Cresswell