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The New Zealand Spectator and Cook's Strait Guardian June 23rd 1860

The barque Constantine, Captain Wrangles, from London, arrived in harbour last night after a protracted voyage of 133 days. She left London on the 8th February, and made the line in the short space of 26 days. She rounded the Cape on the 4th April, was off Van Diemen's Land on the 27th May, and sighted New Zealand on the 6th June, after which she encountered a succession of gales from S E, amounting at times to a perfect hurricane, carrying away bulwarks ans staunchions, smashing skylight and boats, and splitting all the sails. Sighted land again on the 20th June at 7 am and passed Kapiti yesterday at daylight. A good breeze springint up she rounded Cape Terawiti, got pilot on board at 2 pm and dropped anchor at 9.30 pm. She brings 11 Saloon passengers, 1 Second Cabin, and 11 Steerage; of these 11 are for Wellington, 7 for Nelson, and 5 for Hawke's Bay. The Constantine brings a large general cargo, of which wines and beer forms a large proportion. She also brings the boiler for the little Wonga Wonga. The voyage was extremely pleasant as far as the Cape. No sickness has occurrd, no death and one birth. The passengers speak in high terms of the urbanity and kindness of the Captain and Officers, and the comfort of the ship generally.