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The Wellington Independent March 30th 1867

The ship Coleroon, Capt. Edward Montgomery, arrived in this harbour on Thursday evening last, after a very pleasant voyage of 112 days from Gravesend. She sailed from London the 6th December, experienced very rough weather in the Channel, having been detained there three weeks. After leaving Land's End she met with favourable winds and weather, and throughout the passage had only to reef her topsails once for a period of six hours. When crossing the Line, a fatal accident ocurred on board, by which a young man named Neville [Nevil?] lost his life. On account of the hot weather, the unfortunate young man was going to sleep in one of the quarter boats, and while in the act of stepping into it from the ship, he fell between the ship and the boat into the water and was drowned. It was blowing fresh at the time, and although the vessel was rounded to, a boat lowered, and every effort made to rescuse him, he was never seen afterwards. When in lat 45 S, the Coleroon fell in with several large icebergs. She brings 75 passengers, 45 of whom are assisted immigrants, and among them 25 single women. She has also brought three thoroughbred rams, for E Lewis Esq., of Wanganui, and two rams, three ewes and three sheep dogs for Dr Renwick of nelson. She also brings 117 cylinder plates for the Wanganui bridge. Capt., Montgomery was formerly master of the Golconda, which was here some five years ago. The passengers have all arrived in good health, and speak in high terms of the kindness and attention of Capt., Montgomery. No deaths or births occurred during the voyage. She brings a large cargo of general merchandise for this port, and is consigned to messrs Levin & Co.