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Voyages of The City of San Francisco - May/June 1876

The R M S S City of San Francisco departed San Francisco, USA on May 25th 1876, bound for Sydney, Australia which port was reached on June 2nd. On June 9th she arrived in Kandavau, Fiji and departed for Auckland  on June 16th.

Arrival of The City of San Francisco at Auckland
(The Press 19th June 1876)

Auckland June 17th
The City of San Francisco arrived this morning. She connects with the Zealandia at Kandavau on the 13th. The latter left San Francisco on 25th May. Passengers - C Ferguson, W Crake, Hendle and Manning. Third class- Messrs Ross, Elliott, Michael, Casey. For Wellington-Captain Bower and wife; third class Mr Burke wife and sister. For Lyttleton -second class : Miss McCadam. For Port Chalmers-  Cabin: Rev Coleman Creigh and Messrs Clows, Hall and Cuff.

Cargo-For Wellington, 100 cases goods 25 bales hops; for Lyttleton, 2 samples, 25 bales hops; for Port Chalmers 25 pieces redwood timber, 50 cases salmon, 1 sample.

The Zealandia arrived at Kandavau from Auckland on the 16th April , and at Honolulu on the 26th , and was alongside the wharf at San Francisco on the 5th May at 7:40am too late for the despatch of mails by that morning's train. She had head winds all the way from Auckland. Left San Francisco May 24th and arrived at Honolulu on June 1st ; left same day and arrived at Kandavau on the 11th . Had fine weather to the 9th , after which fresh winds with fog and squalls to Kandavau. Transhipped the mails on board the City of San Francisco , which sailed on 13th , and arrived at Auckland at 4am. After second day from Kandavau had strong SE winds to Auckland. The New Zealand mails consist of 265 bags, the Sydney 166 bags. Passengers for New Zealand, ten in cabin, eight in steerage. During the morning of the 13th the sorting-room which contained the bags of letters was flooded, owing to the carelessness of some one who had been using the bathroom adjoining. The bags were removed at once and opened , the letters dried and tranferred to dry bags. The letters did not sustain any very material damge. The Zealandia, whilst lying alongside the wharf at San Francisco on May 14th , received considerable damage by being run into by the City of Panama; about 14ft from the main deck down towards the water line on the starboard side, she had her plates twisted and split. The damage was made sufficiently good to enable her to sail on the 24th. The Australia left Kandavau with mails for San Francisco on the evening of the 9th June. The City of San Francisco left Auckland for the south at 10 this morning.

Arrival of The City of San Francisco at Napier
(The Evening Post 19th June 1876)

The R M S S City of San Francisco arrived at Napier last evening at six o'clock, making a very quick run of 31 hours from Auckland. She left again at 9 p m for the port, and should arrive here before dark this evening. We understand she will not be brought along-side. She proceeds South two hours after arrival.

Arrival of The City of San Francisco at Wellington
(The Evening Post 20th June 1876)

The R M S S City of San Francisco delivered the inward English Mail (from London, May 4) in this port at 8.30
p m yesterday, having been delayed by head winds on the run down from Napier, which occupied 23 hours, averaging only 8 knots per hour. Her previous run from Auckland to Napier, 31 hours (not 19 as stated in error by our morning contemporary, which would have involved a continued sped of 20 knots per hour) was, however, a very good one, averaging 12 knots. We may remark here that the new boats will have their work cut out to beat the performance of the ill-fated Mongol while employed on the temporary service. That steamer nmade the run from Wellington to napier in 14 hours, 20 minutes, averaging 14 knots, and from Auckland to Kandavu in 3 days, 17 hours, or at the rate of 13 knots per hour.

Arrival of The City of San Francisco at Lyttleton
(The Press 21st June 1876)

This magnificent steamer arrived yesterday (20th June 1876) at 2:30pm. The ss Moa was waiting with steam up and directly the signal was made that the mail boat was inside the heads , she started to meet her with agents , reporters and visitors on board. The Customs steam launch was first to reach the vessel and with commendable promptitude the mails were at once placed in that vessel , in order that the 3:20pm train might be caught to carry up the Christchurch portion to town. In spite however of the efforts used , the launch arrived a minute late but the mails were forwarded by the 3:30pm goods train, so that few minutes were lost. After discharging her inward cargo and taking on board a few passengers, the City of San Francisco sailed for her destination at 4 pm. The steamer was beautifully clean throughout, and as on her first visit was much admired. We append a report of the trip from Sydney furnished us by the purser.

The ss San Francisco , J S Waddell, commander left Sydney June 2nd 3.5 pm, fine weather up to 9th , when heavy squall , accompanied with rain, lightning and thunder set in, lasting three hours; 8am anchored in Kandavau; 2pm ss Australia came in, and left at 12 midnight; 12th H B M frigate Pearl came in ; 4 pm Zealandia came in transferred mails, freight and passengers ; 5:30 pm Pearl left for Sydney ; 13th 1:45am sailed from Kandavau in company with Zealandia ; 16th strong breeze , very heavy sea; 17th at 3:15am arrived Auckland; left same day at 11am, arrived off Napier 18th at 6pm; left at 9:30pm after delivering receiving mails and passengers; 19th very heavy weather, strong head winds, squally , very high sea; arrived Wellington at 9pm; did not leave until 11pm owing to our being detained forty minutes by pilot, arrived Lyttleton, at 2;30pm.

The City of San Francisco
( The Press 30 June 1876)

This fine steamer was signalled at 2:30pm yesterday and arrived at 3pm. Quite a crowd of people went off to her in the ss Moa. The outward San Francisco mail consisted of twenty-two bags, an usually large one. The City of San Francisco left Port Chalmers at 8:30pm on Wednesday, and had strong NE gale in her teeth during the run up , arriving as above. She sailed north at 5:30pm last night.

(The Press June 29 1876)







(Under contract with the N.S.W. and N.Z

Governments for the conveyance of H.M


The magnificent steam-


City of San Francisco,


J J Wardell, Commander ,

is appointed to sail from LYTTLETON


calling at

Wellington, Napier, Auckland, Kandavu,


At 4pm sharp.

A steamer will be in attendance upon

arrival of 2:30 pm train from Christchurch,

to convey passengers off.

Passengers must obtain tickets before

going on board.



Lyttleton and Christchurch.