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Daily Southern Cross November 13th 1876

The ship sighted on the coast a few days ago proved, as was conjectured, to be the City of Auckland from London. She arrived shortly after nine o'clock on Saturday last, after a smart passage of 88 days from land to land. The City brings a fine general cargo and a large number of passengers, all of whom have arrived in good health. Our old friend, Captain Ralls, continues in command, and has furnished the following report of the City's passage:- "Left the East India Docks on August 5, at 2 a.m. She proceeded down to Gravesend, took in stock and powder, and embarked passengers. Started from Gravesend on August 6 in tow of the tug Restless. At 8 p.m. Mr Martin, the pilot, landed at the Downs. August 7, cast off tug, Dungeness light bearing north. Made all sail, and proceeded to work down the Channel, wind being from the west. August 9, off Beacy Head. August 10, off Isle of Wight; passed the steamer Villa Bella, having in tow seven barges and screw tug, bound for Rio Janeiro. August 11, off Start Point; a fishing-boat came alongside and took our letters ashore. Thus ended our communication with the land. August 12, off Eddystone lighthouse. August 13, 4 p.m., off the Lizard. From thence to lat 16o N., long 11o 37 W., expereinced south-westerly winds. August 21, off Madeira. Got the N E trades in lat 33o N., long 15o 27 W. Entered the tropics August 26, long 22o W. August 29, lost the NE trades, which proved light, in lat 16o 8, long 26o W. September 8, got the SE trades in lat 2o 51 N., long 17o 43 W.; winds prevailing to this having been very variable, mostly from the S W. Crossed the Equator September 10, in long 21o 7 W., thus making the pasage from the Lizard to the equator in 27 days. Lost SE trades, which were very light, on September 17, in lat 19o 5 S., long 23o 46 W. Thence to lat 34o 41 S., long 22o 36 W., had light and variable winds. Passed out of the tropics September 20. Passed the meridian of the Cape, October 6, lat 42o 54 S. Ran down the eastings between lat 43o and 44o. October 12, experienced a very heavy gale from the east. November 2, rounded Tasmania with fine strong breeze from the southward, and sighted the Three Kings on November 8, at noon. Met with average weather in running down the eastings, and have no great runs to chronicle this time, the greatest distance being 570 miles in 48 hours. The voyage proved a very pleasant one, with only one accident to mar its happiness. Edward Brannigan, aged 4, having fallen on the deck and broken his thigh, which was promptly seen to by Dr Reid. The passengers entered heartily into the usual amusements. Concerts were given, and a newspaper was published. "Box and Cox" was very well rendered by Messrs A W Bromfield. A D Piper and Mrs Dayrell; and the weekly auction sales realised considerable sums. I cannot conclude this report without expressing my warmest thanks to Dr and Mrs Reid for their kindness and attention to those who were ill during the passage."

The following vessels were spoken on the passage: August 28, long 22o W., lat 20o N spoke ship Andaman from Liverpool to Chittagong, 28 days out; same day, spoke barque Pride of Devon, from Cardiff to Tznique, 21 days out. August 29, long 26o W., lat 16o 8 N., spoke ship Star of the North, from Adelaide to Falmouth, 105 days out. August 30, spoke barque Harmonia, from Oporto to Rio Janeiro. August 31, spoke ship Martha Birnie, from Liverpool to Sydney, 20 days out. September 3, spoke ship Howrah, London to Nelson, 36 days out. September 5, spoke ship Sir John Lawrence, London to Adelaide, 30 days out. September 26, spoke Martha Birnie, second time. October 11, spoke the ship Senator, from Liverpool to Melbourne.

On arrival of the vessel, Captain Ralls was presented with a very flattering testimonial as a souvenir of the voyage by the passengers. Having powder on board, the ship anchored in the usual powder ground to discharge same, and will come up harbout tomorrow.

Two births have taken place during the passage, as foillows: - October 21: The wife of T H Pile, Esq., of a son. October 25: The wife of C O E Moller, Esq., of a son.