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Otago Witness August 10th 1861

The Chrysolite from London with immigrants, arrived at Canterbury on Saturday the 27 ult., after a fair passage of 97 days. She has brought out a number of passengers and 636 packages for Otago.

The Chrysolite seems to have been particularly fortunate in securing the services of Dr. Cooksedge. Herbert Flower, a cabin passenger, about 17 years of age, while in lat. 16.55.S., long. 36.31 W., with the vessel going about 3 knots, died. Mr Flower immediately after dinner walked forward to the forecastle with a companion; laying hold of a rope which hung over the bows of the vessel to let himself down with the object of touching the water; as he was attempting this feat a second time his strength failed him, and he called out for help, but before this arrived he let go his hold and was swept against the stern of the ship. One of the sailors bravely jumped over the side after him, and a life-bouy was thrown over the side. The ship immediately hove-to and a boat was lowered, but no trace of the unfortunate young man was discovered, except a cap floating on the water. Three births and two deaths occurred during the voyage; of the latter, one was a young woman named Bridget McEntagart, who died of consumption within two days of the arrival of the vessel; the other was a newborn infant. Captain McIntyre will be remembered by some of the old settlers of the colony as having commanded the Amherst, brig, trading between Australia and New Zealand.