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The Wellington Independent January 13th 1873

Captain Renaut, of the Celæno, reports having left the East India Docks at 2 pm on October 5, and proceeded to Gravesend to take on powder and stock. Left Gravesend on October 6, and the Lizard October 12. First three days in the Channel, light airs and fine weather; last three days, heavy weather from the westward; from the Channel to the equator, moderately favourable winds, and very find weather crossing. November 1 in long. 29 W caught the S E trades in latitude 4deg N., and lost them in 28deg., S.; moderate throughout. From thence to the Cape of Good Hope very light and variable winds from south to east; passed the meridian on December 1 in lat 43deg S; from thence to the meridian of Cape Leuwin moderate northerly and N W winds, and very fine weather; from thence to Tasmania fresh westerly gales, at times severe, with very high sea and bad weather; passed the meridian of Tasmania December 28. On December 20, in lat 46deg 5min S., long 105deg E., passed an iceberg; easting was made on the parallel of 46deg. From Tasmania, light variable winds and light clear weather, until within 80 miles of Cape Farewell, when it came on to blow from the S E. On Jan. 4, and for three days, had very severe weather gales from S E to S W; made Kapiti Island at 11pm on the 9th, and anchored in Wellington harbour on the 10th at midnight.