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The Southern Cross May 10th 1853

The remarkably fine ship 'Cashmere', Captain Pearson, arrived in harbour, from Plymouth yesterday afternoon, with a full cargo of merchandise, and eighty five passengers. A rather unusual interest is attached to the present passage of the 'Cashmere', in consequence of the extreme length between the length of her first departure from Gravesend and her final arrival here. This detention - the quality of the ship, the character of her commander, and the almost entire absence of any knowledge of her progress, - occasioned a most anxious and uneasy feeling in the minds of all interested in her welfare. We rejoice that all these anxieties have been at length satisfactorily removed and we have much pleasure in placing before our readers the actual facts connected with this procrastinated passage. The 'Cashmere' sailed from Gravesend on the 22nd of October. After proceeding to sea, in Latitude 490 18' N. Longitude 50 42' W. she on the 24th November encountered a severe gale, which occasioned the loss of bulwarks, stanchions, boats, &c. Under such circumstances she was compelled to bear up, reaching Plymouth on the 26th of the same month. After having undergone a thorough refit, she sailed from Plymouth on the 17th of January, experiencing a succession of pleasant weather until she rounded (on the 24th ultimo) the southern end of Van Diemen's Land when she encountered heavy gales from the E N E to N E.

Amongst the list of passengers by the Cashmere we are happy to welcome back to our shores the Venerable Archdeacon William Williams, and his family; we also recognise several of the friends and relatives of those already settled in this district, and heartily wish them all prosperity in the land of their adoption. During the passage, two deaths and one birth occurred; one of the deaths, we regret to learn, was an adult named Wright, who leaves a widow and three young children to lament their loss; the other death was that of an infant.

The Taranaki Herald June 1st 1853

The Cashmere, Captain Pearson, so long expected, arrived at last on Maoday afternoon, after a fair passage of 102 days since her final departure from Plymouth. The Cashmere, as formerly reported in our paper, sailed for Auckland from Gravesend on the 22nd October, and after some detention in the Channel proceeded to sea on the 14th November. On the 24th in lat., 490 18' N., long., 50 42' W., she encountered a very severe gale, in which she sustained much damage, bulwarks, stanchions and boats, &c, were carried away. Captain Pearson then thought it best to return, and bore up for Plymouth, where she arrived on the 26th November. At plymouth she was thoroughly repaired, and resumed her voyage on the 17th January, experiencing fine weather nearly throughout, and having touched at no intermediate port. Two deaths and one birth took place, one of those who died was a Mr Wright, who has left a widow and three children with whom he started, it is said in good health for this colony. - New Zealander, May 11.