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The New Zealander December 29th 1855

Having anchored the Bank of England, Mr Burgess the Pilot, returned forthwith to the North Head, to bring the Carnatic, Capt Smith, into harbour.  The tide by this time was falling but, as a smart SW breeze had sprung up, the ship overran the tide and was worked cleverly to her anchorage.  The Carnatic sailed from Gravesend on the 3rd, the Downs on the 4th and took her final departure from the Lizard on the 6th of September.  Her passage throughout was a very find, although in consequence of many calms and lights winds, a protracted one.   She crossed the Equator on the twenty-ninth day from the Lizard – made Cape Northumberland on the Australian coast, on the 5th and entered Bass’s Straits on the 10th instant, sighting the Three Kings on Christmas Day at noon.   During the last three weeks she experienced a prevalence of north-east and easterly winds.  The Carnatic brings about 50 passengers in all, among whom art Lt Col Mould, RE, and six daughters.  The detachment of the Royal Artillery, burnt out of the Polar Star, consisting of one sergeant, one corporal and twenty-seven gunners, has also arrived in this vessel which brings two tons of gunpowder, a quantity of shot, shells and other Government stores.  There were two deaths during the passage; the first on the 14th November was that of Mary Clare, an infant of fifteen months old, from inflammation of the brain.  The other on the 22nd December was Mary Mellsop, eleven years of age, of consumption.  …… Several ships were spoken including the American ship Greyhound from Melbourne to Valparaiso.  Capt Smith sent a boat on board the Greyhound, from the Captain of which he received a Geelong paper containing the details of the capture of Sebastopol, which paper has since been most kindly placed at our disposal by Capt Smith.