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The Evening Post June 30th 1877

A ship was signalled early this morning, and at 8:30 the number of the Broomhall was run up. She has made a very fair passage of 89 days from London. The Broomhall is one of Shaw Saville's vessels, and is one of the largest that has come here, being 1380 tons register. She is under the command of Captain Bate, and brings a general cargo. She does not bring any Government immigrants. The captain of the steamer Napier, which came in this morning, reported that he went close to the ship, and that Captain Bate said they were all well, and had made the passage from land to land in 75 days. Messrs Levin and Co are agents for the ship.

The Kiwi was despatched at 1pm to tow the Broomhall in, but on reaching the Heads found that the steamer Tui had her in tow. They were coming up the harbour as we went to press.