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The New Zealand Spectator and Cook's Strait Guardian January 5th 1864

The barque Bride, Captain Gibson, from London, arrived in port on Sunday evening last after a long passage of 149 days, having sailed from London on the 13th August. She passed the Lizards on the 28th, and experienced very favourable weather during the passage. When running between the Cape and St Paul's Island she experienced two severe cyclones, which obliged her to lay-to for several hours; and off Tasmania, a strong south-east gale which lasted for days; she was becalmed eight days near Cape Leuwin when the steamship Armenien with troops from Rangoon to Auckland, passed her. She was becalmed in the Strait for several days, and was off the Heads on the 1st inst, but did not reach her anchorage until Sunday evening. The Bride brings 14 passengers and a general cargo, and is consigned to Messrs Bethune & Hunter.