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The Southern Cross November 1861

Black Eagle: Departed Plymouth 17 August 1861. Passed Cape Verde Islands with seeing them. Crossed Equator September 13th in 230 30 West longitude. Passed Cape of Good Hope in 140 South. Sailed past Van Diemen's Land Nov 5th. Passed Three Kings Islands about ten miles to the north. Arrived in Auckland 19th November 1861.

WEDNESDAY [19 Nov 1913] was the 52nd anniversary of the arrival at Auckland of the ship Black Eagle, 1358 tons Captain Wm. Smith, with 144 passengers, from London. Messrs Brown, Campbell and Company were the agents for the, vessel. Practically the whole of the Black Eagle's passengers came out under the "40 - acre" system-the free grants of land offered as an inducement to emigrants from the Old Country by the New Zealand Government.
Among the survivors [in 1913] are:- Mr. R.C Carr and Mr. James Howden (Auckland) Mr Edward Allen (Cambridge); Mr. John Allen (Cheltenham Beach) Mr. Alex. Watson (Auckland), Mr Foster (Devonport), and several at Maungakaramea where most of the passengers settled on first arrival here. [So were two of the three Robson children as well as Edward and John Allen’s sisters Mary (Mrs Hooper) and Eliza (Mrs Pegler)]