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The Wellington Independent October 8th 1868

The good ship Asterope arrived in Wellington on Tuesday afternoon, after a quick passage of 97 days. She left Gravesend on the 27th June, passed the Lizard on July 1st, experienced light northerly winds to the Equator; crossed the line on July 31st, in 210 49' W; passed the meridian of the Cape of Good Hope on September 1st; passed Tasmania on September 30th; sighted the Snares on the 3rd inst., and made Wellington Heads at 5 pm on the 6th. She brings 117 passengers, all in good health. There were three births on the passage. Amongst the cabin passengers there are several old settlers, including Captain and Mrs Keene for Kaikoura, and Mrs Baker and family for Wanganui. She brings a large general cargo, and is consigned to Messrs Levin & Co.

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The well-known and favorite ship Asterope, Captain Stuart, arrived on Tuesday afternoon from London, after a quick passage of 97 days. She brings 117 passengers, a general cargo, and is also consigned to Messrs Levin & Co.